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Group Photo (July 2018)

Ling Fung, Yuan, Joe, Qianfan, Stephen, Chenhui, Tengteng, Guozhu, Weijia, Lai-Sheng

Mid-Autumn Festival & Farewell Party to Tian at Graduate Center Bar (Oct. 2017)

Farewell lunch to our summer students: Candice, Haoran and Kewei (Aug. 2017)

Left front: Yuan, Candice, Tengteng, Tian, Stephen, Ling Fung

Right front: Qianfan, Guozhu, Chenhui, Lai-Sheng, Joe, Kewei and Haoran

(Blurring..^.^) Stephen, Ling Fung, Haoran and Kewei

Guozhu, Not Known, Yuan, Candice

Annual BBQ and Soccer Game (June 2017)

Lai-Sheng, Joe and Yougang

Yougang, Chenhui and Lai-Sheng

Tengteng, Qianfan, Tian, Chenhui and Ling Fung

Yougang, Joe, Tengteng, Lai-Sheng, Ling Fung and Chenhui

Joe, Ling Fung, Tengteng, Tian and Chenhui

Joe, Qianfan and Ling Fung

Joe, Chenhui, Tian, Lai-Sheng, Ling Fung, Tengteng and Qianfan

Tian, Tengteng and Ling Fung

Lai-Sheng, Chenhui, Yougang, Tian, Tengteng and Ling Fung

Our group welcomed Prof. Xueming Yang to visit (May 18, 2017)

Group Photo (May 2017)

Qianfan, Tengteng, Yuan, Chenhui, Tian, Guozhu, Ling Fung, Joe, Lai-Sheng

Group Photo (Summer 2016)

Guozhu, Yuan, Ling Fung, Joe, Tengteng, Tian, Qianfan, Lai-Sheng

Annual BBQ and Soccer Game (June 2016)

Annual BBQ and Soccer Game (June 2015)

Celebration Lunch for Weili's Graduation (May 2015)

Congratulations to Weili's Graduation (May 2015)

Group Photo (May 2015)

Joseph, Gary, Chuheng, Daoling, Guozhu, Tengteng, Tian, Qianfan, Zhe, Lai-Sheng

2014 Summer Group Lunch

Welcome to our new visitors

2014 Summer BBQ Photos

2014 Group Photo

Back row : Zheng, Tian, Qianfan, Zach, Guozhu
Front row : Lai-Sheng, Yusuf, Gary, Weili, Daoling, Heather, Joseph, Fengli

2013 Fall Group Lunch

Farewell to Marc and Welcome to our new visitors

2013 Summer BBQ Photos

2013 Spring Group Photo

Back row : Daoling, Zach, Qianfan, Tian, Iker, Zheng
Front row : Gary, Hongtao, Jing, Phuong, Weili, Annie, Lai-Sheng

2012 Spring Group Photo

Back row : Zach, Tian, Drew, Iker, Constantin
Front row : Hongtao, Daoling, Zheng, Phuong, Annie, Weili, Jing, Lai-Sheng


2011 Fall Group Photo

Back row : Lai-Sheng, Constantin, Drew, Zach
Front row : Weili, Daoling, Phuong, Jing, Hongtao, Zheng


2011 The Spring Season at Brown

2011 Summer Time Soccer at Lai Sheng's