Cane-Sello Joint Group Meeting Schedule

Wayne Chou
Xun Guo
Jamie Wang
Jason Sello
Andrew Tran
Dongqing Zhu
Aaron Socha
Chiara Valenzano
Young-Ok You
Myung Ji Seo
Helen Segal
James Vecchione
Tristan Derond
Jide Okandeji
Jesse Davis
Yunfeng Hu
Ashish Garg

Group Meetings are held at 3:30 PM in MM317

Helpful Suggestions from Prof. Cane

Group meeting talks for each contributor should alternate between updates on current lab research and reports on papers or group of papers that deal with areas related to the topics we are studying and the methodology that we are using, broadly defined. I have provided below a suggested list of topics and authors. This is not meant to be exclusive, but to suggest areas for potential coverage.

Natural products biosynthesis and enzymology-

Vitamins and cofactors - including pyridoxine, thiamin, pantothenic acid,
biotin, riboflavin
Polyketides - macrolides, polyethers, aromatic polyketides, chalcones, plant
Carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, deoxy sugars, aminoglycosides
Non-ribosomal peptides, glycopeptides (vancomycins)
Fatty acids
Lignans, lignins
Sialic acids


Protein engineering
Evolution of enzyme function
Assignment of enzyme/protein function
Variation in product structure with site-directed mutagenesis
Pre-steady-state methods
Isotope effects
(Cf Current opinion in Chemical Biology, 2003, 7(2), reviews on
Biocatalysis and Biotransformation, edited by T. Begley and M-D Tsai,
Enzyme inhibition and inactivation


Site-directed mutagenesis
Gene expression
In vitro protein synthesis
Expression cloning
Cloning without restriction enzymes and ligases
Protein purification
DNA/RNA isolation/purification
Mass spectrometry - ESI, protein analysis, FT-MS
NMR methodology - 2D NMR, structure determination, monitoring of enzyme
reactions, protein and peptide structure


C. Khosla
D. H. Sherman
K. Reynolds
C. Townsend
J. Vederas
H. Oikawa
Y. Ebizuka
P. F. Leadlay
J. Staunton
J. Rohr
A. Bacher
M. Rohmer
M. Zenk
T. Kutchan
J. Noel
J. Chappell
H. Bouwmeester
R. Croteau
R. Coates

J. Bohlmann
J. Gerhenzon
J. Keasling
Seiichi Matsuda
Haruo Ikeda
Satoshi Omura
Haruo Seto
D. Arigoni
A. Battersby
Chris Abell
A. Fersht
C. D. Poulter
C. R. Hutchinson
R. McDaniel
Stuart Smith
P. M. Jordan
Isao Fujii
M. Marahiel
C. Walsh
H. von Dohren

Norman Lewis
Eckhardt Leistner
Ian Spenser
Tadhg Begley
Hung-wen Liu
Ben Shen
Jon Thorson
K. Poralla
M. Gelb
J. Gerlt
P. Babbitt
D. Christianson
G. Petsko
P. Frey
S. Benkovic
J. Jarrett
J. Stubbe
Chi-Huey Wong
T. Baasov