Cane Group Responsibility List
updated 07/21/08

Common Responsibilities:

  • Report any equipment/facility problem found IMMEDIATELY to the person who is responsible or Eric Friedfeld (x33179) who will contact Plant Operations (x37812)
  • Report "running out of lab supplies" (e.g. Petri Dishes; Pipets; Falcon Tubes; Common Chemicals; etc.) to the person responsible (Xun Guo) or re-order IMMEDIATELY
  • Clean up ANY mess left behind, especially culture bottles & equipment in cold room and common areas


HPLC training and maintenance (columns; pumps; joints; tubings; detector); Vacuum pumps; Rotary Evaporators (Rotovaps); SDS-PAGE apparatus; Lyophilizer (including pump); Inspection of Gas Regulators (ALL Tanks); French Press; Sonicator


Liquid Scintillation Counter (Calibration; Maintenance; printer paper; cocktail; vials); Incubators/Shakers (ALL); Sterilize biological hazardous wastes; Autoclaves (maintenance/training); Computer hardware & software; Group Webpage


Defrost freezers (remove ice regularly); Refrigerators (check temperature); PCR Machines; Balances (maintenance); UV Hood Cleanup; Weekly biological hazardous wastes removal; Fermentation Room (cleanup, check temperature)


Radiation Safety (Radioactive Rm./Wipe tests); FPLC (machine/ fraction collector/columns/supplies); Centrifuge; Electroporator & cuvettes; GC404 cleanup


Econo machine & Fraction Collector & Supplies; pH Meter (maintenance); Rapid Chemical Quench Apparatus; Maintain Nanopure Water Level (fill tank); UV/Vis machine & quartz cuvettes


Pipetors (calibrate yearly); Cryo Biological Tank (fill up REGULARLY); Peristaltic pumps & Supplies; Phosphorimager & Eraser & Screens (proper storage/usage); Cold Room (cleanup, check temperature); Order General Lab Supplies; Group Archivist