Delaney Laboratory
April 2014: Congratulations Dr. Schermerhorn! Kelly successfully defended her PhD thesis and is heading to New England Biolabs for a postdoctoral position.
March 2014: The lab attended the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Dallas, TX.
March 2014: Kelly's review is published in Accounts of Chemical Research, "A Chemical and Kinetic Perspective on Base Excision Repair of DNA." [link]
March 2014: Two students received summer research fellowships. Mary Tarantino '15 received a Summer Research Award and Priya Patel '16 received an Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award. Congrats!
Feb 2014: Graduate rotation students Erin Kennedy and Vanessa Scialabba join the lab. Welcome! Undergraduate Elizabeth Bolton '16 has also joined us.
Nov 2013: Catherine's paper on incorporating CGG/CCG repeats with AGG/CCT interruptions into nucleosomes is published in BMC Biochemistry. [link]
Sept 2013: Kelly's kinetic characterization of AP endonuclease is published in Biochemistry. [link]
May 2013: Catherine defended her PhD and is heading to the National Cancer Institute for a postdoctoral position. Congratulations Dr. Volle!
May 2013: Meg received the Best Thesis Award in Chemistry, and is heading to Berkeley for graduate school.
April 2013: Muge completed her MS thesis.
March 2013: Kelly Schermerhorn is selected to attend the Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Germany. [link]
Archive of past group news
Research in the Delaney laboratory aims to understand the biological consequences of DNA damage. Using the methods and tools of biochemistry, biophysics, synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, and toxicology we probe the effects of DNA damage from the molecular to the cellular level. We exploit our abilities to synthesize modified DNA nucleobases and study their properties within well-defined systems. We are particularly interested in oxidative DNA damage and its contributions to cancer and neurological disorders such as Huntington’s disease.