Delaney Laboratory
May 2017: Alex and Katie were recognized with departmental awards! Alex received the Organic Chemistry Award and Katie received the Elaine Chase Award for Leadership and Service for her extraordinary leadership and service contributions to the department and University. 
March 2017: We wish Eric well as he begins his position as a Process Chemist at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals!
March 2017: Eric's research is featured on the cover of the March 17, 2017 issue of ACS Chemical Biology. [link]
January 2017: Eric's paper on glycosylase activity in nucleosomes is accepted for publication at ACS Chemical Biology. [link]
January 2017: Paul Caffrey joins the lab as a chemistry graduate student. Welcome to the lab!
January 2017: Katie attended the 25th Annual Enzyme Mechanisms Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida and received travel support from the Department of Chemistry and the Graduate School.
September 2016: Alexander Iyer '19 joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome to the lab!
June 2016: David Kim '19 joins the lab as a summer undergraduate researcher. Welcome to the lab!
May 2016: Katie received both a NASA Summer Research Fellowship and a Dept of Chemistry Dissertation Fellowship to support her work. Congratulations!
April 2016: Ji's manuscript on calorimetry of repetitive DNA was accepted for publication at J. Phys. Chem. B. [link]
April 2016: Ji successfully defended his PhD and is heading to Yale for a postdoctoral position. Congratulations Dr. Huang!
March 2016: The lab attended the Gordon Research Conference on DNA Damage, Mutation, and Cancer in Ventura, CA.
Archive of past group news
Research in the Delaney laboratory aims to understand the biological consequences of DNA damage. Using the methods and tools of biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology we probe the effects of DNA damage from the molecular to the cellular level. We exploit our abilities to synthesize modified DNA nucleobases and study their properties within well-defined systems. We are particularly interested in the role of packaging of DNA into chromatin and how that packaging influences repair of DNA damage.